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The VideoCoin ICO event starte date is TBC and the end date is TBC with a fund raising goal of 50,000,000 USD .

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VideoCoin Project Overview

VideoCoin aims to use the blockchain to tap into computers in order to process video, store and distribute much cheaper than rivals such as Google and Amazon.

It will work similar to how other file storage projects such as Siacoin where renters are paid by the users and paid in VideoCoin which they can then sell on the exchanges that support the coin.

VideoCoin claims it will cost content creators a whopping 60-80 percent less than its competitors buy utilising the blockchain.

It seems an ICO was initially on the table for VideoCoin but this has been scrapped due to the overwhelming demand from private investors, the company is hoping to raise $50 million dollars, its already on its way with $35 million.

VideoCoin is co-founded by Halsey Minor who's startups include CNET and Salesforce.

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