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The CEDEX (CEDEX) ICO event is starting on Friday 16th of March 2018 until Friday 11th of May 2018 with a fund raising goal of $40 million .

Token Sale

Token Role: Diamond trading
Ticker: CEDEX
Token Type: ERC20
ICO Price: 1 token = $0.80
Total Tokens: 100 million tokens
Fundraising Goal: $40 million
Exclusions: USA
Unsold Tokens: N/A

Project/ Team

Team Size: 19
Originating Country: Israel

CEDEX Project Overview

Meet CEDEX the world’s first certified diamond exchange running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

CEDEX is a global decentralised diamond exchange that focuses on bridging the gap between the old-age diamond industry and new innovative financial markets. With its extensive industry knowledge, CEDEX aims to engineer a ground-breaking change – enabling people to liquidate and invest in diamonds like any other financial asset, in a transparent and secure way. The firm has three main goals it aims to tackle among many others but the most important being fungibility, liquidity and transparency

The CEDEX Exchange enables anyone to invest in individual diamonds, shares of a high-value stone or shares in a basket of diamonds (ETF).

Traders can have full confidence in buying and selling, even without prior knowledge of diamond trading.

CEDEX has partnered with the international Diamond Exchange referred to as IDEX which is the leading platform for trading diamonds in major cities.

Th CEDEX ICO token-sale will start on the 16th of March 2018.