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SyncFab : Blockchain For The Manufacturing Supply Chain

Published 2 years ago

SyncFab : Blockchain For The Manufacturing Supply Chain

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SyncFab provides supply chain management tool. The type needed the most by innovators as well as regional machine shops when they are going to perform such procedure as tracking, procuring, or even organizing precision parts of the production.

Besides that, this website also creates distributed supply chain blockchain. SyncFab is a Silicon Valley based Decentralized Manufacturing Platform revolutionizing Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management through IoT, Smart Contracts & Blockchain technology.

Some of them include the production process, the instant update, as well as the digital quality assurance of the inspection reports.It is the first P2P blockchain in the field of manufacturing supply chain. It will become the main part of the platform using by Syncfab, as well as on the environment of operating colleague manufacturing supply chain administration.

User can enjoy the MFG token sale starting from October 2017. The 30% is for community pool, another 30% is for public market, 10% for founders, 15% for syncfab, while the rest 15% is for smart MFG tech LTD.For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: SyncFab Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #MFG team!Official WebsiteNewsToken.

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