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Campaign advice for CISOs for Cyber Security Awareness Month - IT World Canada

Published 3 years ago

Campaign advice for CISOs for Cyber Security Awareness Month - IT World Canada

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Perhaps security is getting better, in terms of how well things are configured,” says Michael Joyce, knowledge mobilization co-ordinator at the University of Montreal’s Serene-Risc information exchange, which is aimed at increasing public understanding of cyber risks and threats. Some organizations and governments across the country will observe Cyber Security Month in various ways: Email campaigns, posters, sometimes intensive training.

For example, it suggests campaign with a weekly theme (Week 1 adopts the APWG’s Stop Think Connect basic steps to cyber security; Week 2’s theme is Cybersecurity in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business; Week 3 asks people to be aware of Privacy Protection and the Internet of Things and Week 4’s suggested topic is Digital Citizenship, which includes proper use of social media and avoiding illegal downloading. “What’s been happening is a lot of broad awareness programs to teach people that they should be concerned about cyber security, and then training programs for people in industry.

But at the basic user level we’ve not been able to take the temperature of the population and to figure out what cyber security awareness programs can be broadly applied to naturally change behaviour.”. “I equate cyber security awareness to health and safety: If there’s an organization – say a construction firm — all their health and safety programs are dedicated to how do you make yourself safe at home as well as in the workplace.

“The other thing to do,” he adds, “is rather than just focusing the problems of not complying with security policy — which is a very negative way of providing information on what good behaviours are — look at the benefits of following good security practices: Not just the minimum required, for example, for a password to comply with security policy but what’s a good password. Whatever your approach, experts agree that cyber security awareness training should be more than an effort once a month.

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