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HireMatch (HIRE) A New Cryptocurrency Set To Upend The Employee Recruitment Industry - OracleTimes

Published 2 years ago

HireMatch (HIRE) A New Cryptocurrency Set To Upend The Employee Recruitment Industry - OracleTimes

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HireMatch is a new cryptocurrency that aims to take on the employment industry with an entirely new approach. Using blockchain as a weapon as a decentralized consensus ledger, the new system aims to shake up the current prevalence of “headhunters” in the hiring industry and develop a network of user agents who will get a reward in the form of tokens for doing work. A regular job board like or relies on centralized business models and direct the information and management from a single administrative unit. HireMatch aims to do it by incentivizing agents with new token to help maintain, update and improve the new job portal. The HR manager posts the job and he also posts a bounty of specific number of tokens like 2000 hire or each hire. The HR manager purchases the tokens and posts the job on the smart contracts HireMatch network Now agents become active and begin looking for the right candidate for the job on facebook, LinkedIn, and even personal phone contacts. Once the interview panels is complete and all the prosepective candidates are going for the interview, the HR manager closes the job and releases the tokens to all the agents who helped in this transfer and had their candidates accepted for interview. Having chosen candidates for interview is good enough to land an agent a fair share of tokens. Coin spectator is an automated news aggregation service. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Images and text owned by copyright holders are used in reference to and promotion of those respective parties. Read in Full

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