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Alex Dreyfus gets spicy with blockchain, crypto, crowdfunding startup chiliZ

Published 1 year ago

Alex Dreyfus gets spicy with blockchain, crypto, crowdfunding startup chiliZ

CalvinAyre via

chiliZ is the ultimate fan engagement tool, where sports and esports fans can democratically control the teams and organisations they love to follow. Through chiliZ, fans can vote on a roster, decide which opponent a player may face, choose which game they’ll play or even which skins the team ‘wear’..

chiliZ gives teams and other gaming organisations (publishers, leagues, event producers) a direct way to engage their fans; by giving fans the power to vote, you give them a reason to care because they have a vested interest. We think that chiliZ could be transformational to the industry and certainly, there is a demand for this type of service, both from fans and from esports teams and organisations..

Regarding the partner organisations, we are already in talks with various sports and esports teams and leagues, and over the course of this year, we will focus our attention on onboarding big, legitimate esports teams with a large, global fan base. Regarding fans and end-users, they will discover chiliZ through the teams and the leagues that have joined the chiliZ platform..

Through chiliZ, we want to organise, empower and connect fans to players and teams in today’s most popular leagues and tournaments. A big achievement for us will be to launch the Global Player League – the first functioning, fully built-out single-entity league where all teams, across multiple game titles, are controlled directly by fans..

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