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[SCAM ACCUSATION] Scam - Stolen Tokens worth 150 ETH ($50,000 USD)

Published 2 years ago by /u/shadomoon

I would like to make the Reddit Crypto community aware that has in effect stolen 150 ETH from myself and at the time of this post that is $50,000 USD.. I understand this is partially my fault but it's no excuse for the lack of support.. On the 2017-08-20 I decided to buy DNT, I deposited 200 ETH worth, at the time that being $59,942.62 and withdrew the DNT tokens no problem. Happy with my purchase I thought I would also buy the ZRX token, so I deposited 150 ETH to buy ZRX. I purchased the ZRX (and got a terrible rate) however when I went to withdraw the ZRX it said due to technical issues I was unable to withdraw ZRX at that time. No problem I will return later.. I returned yesterday and attempted to withdraw my 50k USD (150 ETH) worth of ZRX to my token wallet, the same one I used for my DNT withdrawal, the only one ever used on my HitBTC account.. This is when I get an alert saying confirm withdrawal by e-mail, uh oh. I used a throwaway email address, which was disabled by the e-mail provider as I didn't use a real name or details, my fault I know right? However 2FA was never enabled, and suddenly it was. No problem I will contact support.. Support isn't being helpful, I requested withdrawal or an e-mail address change.. I have proved ownership of the ETH wallet that funded the account, it has in excess of $XXXk USD. I sent a verification deposit of 0.1 ETH to my HitBTC account, to show I am the original person who funded the account. What more do they want?. I am requesting to withdraw all my ZRX tokens to the same address I have ALWAYS used, the only address I have used not a different one. The ONLY ADDRESS ever withdrawn too on this account NOT a different one.. My IP address is the same as the day I opened the account.. I wouldn't be in this situation if 2FA Email Confirmation hadn't been randomly enabled.. I wouldn't be in this situation if ZRX withdrawals were working, I would have withdrawn them straight away on the day I purchased them.. I am getting nowhere with HitBTC support, I have hit a brick wall. I am not sure if this is a deliberate attempt to steal my funds or just bad service, there is no common sense just canned replies anyone else can see I am the person who created the account I have access to the wallet that funded it, the one I withdrew too in the past, and I am asking it to be sent to the same wallet I withdrew 200 ETH worth of DNT too, not a random address.. Until this situation is resolved I would just warn others to be careful and not do large deposits to HitBTC. I wouldn't be in this issue had 2FA been randomly enabled or if ZRX withdrawals were working the day I bought them, not days later.. Yes I understand I shoudln't have used a throwaway email address but it's easy enough for them to update my e-mail address or process the withdrawal to the only address I have ever used and withdrawn successfully too in the past.. I'm unable to find what country they are incoporated in, nor have they answered my requests for their legal address and incoporisation number of their company. Very shady, beware.. If a staff member wants me to provide evidence to this I can provide screenshots, the transaction, my wallet with in excess of XXXk USD worth in it, etc.. What are my options? Coin spectator is an automated news aggregation service. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Images and text owned by copyright holders are used in reference to and promotion of those respective parties. Read in Full

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