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Zeus Exchange connects with trust management app Membrana

Published 2 years ago by CryptoNinjas

Zeus Exchange connects with trust management app Membrana

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Membrana's algorithm is based on many technologies including blockchain, smart contract, smart oracle, API protocol, a security protocol for the database, and its internal unique interface. It was announced today that Membrana, a trust management ecosystem made to directly connect an investor and a trader to conclude a mutually beneficial, secure, and reliable contract will integrate Zeus Exchange, scheduled to launch in late Summer..

For an investor, it has a rating system with transparent data on all traders. Thus, the latter trades with an investor’s exchange account through Membrana’s unique interface..

Investors do not transfer their funds to Membrana as well, the funds are always on their exchange account. The Membrana team has developed an algorithm to solve the following problems: – Middleman required (to provide guarantees) – Loss of control over invested funds (because of the need to transfer it to a 3rd party) – Lack of trust (not knowing trader and his/her history) – Fraud (no proof of information) – Counterparty risks (cannot put restrictions on the trader) Users arrange a smart contract with terms prewritten, such as target profit, duration of the contract, the maximum loss, etc..

If an investor and trader agree, the request for smart contract initiated. The smart contract is working with help from an oracle, a system that brings information from smart contract to web interface for executing depending on status..

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