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Incitement's blockchain platform ensures CSR activities reach real beneficiaries, brands get more visibility

Published 1 year ago

Incitement's blockchain platform ensures CSR activities reach real beneficiaries, brands get more visibility

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On November 11, 2011, Incitement — conceived by Daniel de Gruijter and Zikry Kholil as a series of inspirational talks — held its first event in Kuala Lumpur, where eight people got together to share their stories and ideas to inspire each other. “Our purpose is to build solutions, business models, and projects that enable people, causes, brands and entrepreneurs to grow themselves and their brands through social impact creation..

The company combines sustainable development programmes, technology and marketing, community events, and state-of-the-art impact measurement tools to make social impact creation attractive for brands by merging business objectives with global social development goals. CSRm: As an incentive for creating social impact, brands receive CSRm each time they fund a project..

This CSRm incentive can be spent inside Inpactor’s advertising platform, creating measurable RoI on their CSR initiatives, or, like any other token, it can be publicly traded, or used to accrue fixed interest using Proof of Stake. Gruijter boasts that the Inpactor platform has been endorsed by heads of some of the leading global brands, including Mark Rozario, CEO of General Electric Malaysia; Stephen Croncota, Chief Marketing Officer of Versace; Thomas Marzano, Head of Global Branding Philips; and Peter Kolthof, Head of Equities Shell..

Since Inpactor is designed like a social media platform, and since Incitement has an ever-growing database brands, causes and volunteers, we are implementing an interest-based advertising platform inside Inpactor. It is a multi-layered tool that a) helps brands find and design CSR initiatives that carry weight within the organisation because they are aligned with the company’s value system; b) identifies and implements correct social impact measurements to measure the impact properly; and c) helps craft a story around the social impact that the Brand can tell its audience through impact marketing..

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