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Real Estate Tech Firm Zweispace Japan Starts Registering Property Sales on the Blockchain

Published 2 years ago

Real Estate Tech Firm Zweispace Japan Starts Registering Property Sales on the Blockchain

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Zweispace Japan, a publicly-listed company that develops applications for the real estate industry, has begun live testing of its patented blockchain-based property registry. On April 2nd the platform officially went to work, recording data from real estate transactions on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain..

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Speaking to Bitsonline, Zweispace founder and CEO Hayato Kameta said the blockchain-based buyer and seller management system acts as a supplement to the official government land registry, which is the final official record of who owns what. Someday, by demonstrating the speed at which a blockchain-based registry could confirm and secure ownership data, Kameta said governments might consider using blockchain for official records..

Perhaps refreshingly, Zweispace isn’t planning an ICO and wants to use an existing blockchain network for its registry platform. It’s developing the real estate registry in partnership with ISPACE Japan and PRESI Corporation, which deal with the actual property and legal issues..

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