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How can Blockchain revolutionise the equity market

Published 1 year ago

How can Blockchain revolutionise the equity market

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The adoption of blockchain technology within the equity market will not only pave the way for streamlining transactions, but it will increase the speed of trading and settlement processes between businesses and investors. However, until this moment the global equity market has been remarkably slow on the uptake of this revolutionising technology, compared to the likes of digital currency and mobile payments..

When the global equity market was created two hundred years ago the world was a very different place, and whilst there was something of a revolution in the 1980s when the computerisation of the trading floor caused trading volumes (along with volatility) to skyrocket, another step change is most certainly required with security for its users recognised at its core. Blockchain technology can help to not only revolutionise the equity market and bring influence and power back to the individual investor, but through decentralisation and the use of increasingly popular cryptocurrencies it can provide a safer and more transparent network for trading from both parties..

Cutting out the middlemen so that thousands of business owners, of both private and public businesses, can sell shares in their companies direct to investors, not only gives them greater control to be able to steer their business forward, but ensures that businesses and investors become more indelibly linked paving the way for a smooth, and streamlined trading process that will revolutionise the equity market. There is no limit to how blockchain can significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency, lower risks and heighten security within the global equity market..

By using blockchain technology to revolutionise the way we all buy and sell shares, a global equity market that is worth US$76 trillion can truly be unlocked and offer its businesses and investors unlimited benefits, compared to its current state. The adoption of blockchain can create a faster, effective and more reliable equity market that will unleash a new era of efficiency, innovation and security, and bring the equity market firmly into the 21st century..

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