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Lucyd's Sightline Into the Future of Blockchain Technology

Published 2 years ago

Lucyd's Sightline Into the Future of Blockchain Technology


Founded as a portfolio company of Tekcapital PLC (LON: TEK), with approximately $500,000 in seed funding, Lucyd is in essence a developer of ergonomic eyewear, utilizing the blockchain platform along with a proprietary LCD token to create and deliver AR-content experiences that are viewable through glasses. "The few available options [for AR eyewear] have a narrow field of view and a clumsy user experience," states the Lucyd website..

With 75 percent of the world population needing corrective lenses of some sort, Lucyd Lens has the potential to make ordinary glasses redundant. The Lucyd Lab AR blockchain is powered by the LCD token..

In a recent development, Lucyd entered into a strategic alliance with nine companies to develop AR and security software apps to power the glasses. One of these alliance partners, Alex Alanson, chief operating officer of INDE, commented: "INDE is always happy to support dynamic industry partners in AR, and we're delighted to see Lucyd adopt their intelligent approach to smart glass development..

The purpose of this campaign is to both crowdfund prototype development of Lucyd Lens smart glasses as well as to initialize the Lucyd blockchain with the LCD token. The company will sell the first 500 pairs of Lucyd Lens smart glasses exclusively to Lucyd token holders..

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