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Yes Bank partners with HashCash Consultants On Blockchain Based Corporate Payments

Published 2 years ago

The fastest growing bank in India regarded as the ‘Professionals' Bank' by many has joined hands with California based HashCash Consultants for cross border corporate payments. HashCash's blockchain network, HC NET is used by Banks, currency exchanges, corporate houses and FinTechs in several key global remittance corridors..

Yes bank's CIO, Anup Purohit said, "Our interest in Blockchain was owing to its potential of ushering an era of efficient processes through transparency, speed, security and seamless connections in order to maintain records and make quicker transactions. HC Corporate payments brings a radical shift for global banks and enterprises in managing cross border trade and business to business payments..

The result is better business for both banks and their corporate clients," said Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director at HashCash Consultants and a prominent Blockchain expert. Yes Bank had been experimenting with Blockchain Technology since its inception..

Last year, Yes Bank had announced that it has implemented a multi-nodal blockchain transaction to fully digitize vendor financing. YES BANK has been recognized among the Top and Fastest Growing Banks in various Indian Banking League Tables by prestigious media houses and Global Advisory Firms, and has received several national and international honors for our various Businesses including Corporate Investment Banking, Treasury, Transaction Banking, and Sustainable practices through Responsible Banking..

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