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PARKGENE’s Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize City Parking

Published 2 years ago by News Desk

PARKGENE’s Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize City Parking

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The $100 billion parking industry is what PARKGENE aims at, creating a market for parking spot owners and buyers. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, our app allows parking owners to rent out their parking space on a short-term basis, effectively filling this niche and providing drivers with a better parking experience.".

Parking owners will receive a minimum of 80% of the smart contract proceeds in GENE tokens from the depository when the driver checks out of the parking space. 15% of the contract covers PARKGENE's expenses, and 5% is paid to the parking owner and driver if they support the ecosystem through reviews and ratings..

The GENE token was designed to pay for parking. Drivers will transfer the GENE token to pay parking spot owners..

Token holders will be able to use GENE Tokens to pay for services and products of PARKGENE (P2P Parking), PARKGURU (Professional Garages and Municipal Parking) as well as any other service that will be integrated with the PARKGENE platform or GENE Token. PARKGENE ICO will also offer bonuses for bulk purchases of GENE tokens..

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