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With improved trust and social connections, blockchain can improve B2B relationships, says TraDove CEO Kent Yan

Published 2 years ago

With improved trust and social connections, blockchain can improve B2B relationships, says TraDove CEO Kent Yan

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With over 250,000 corporate buyers and sellers from over 100 countries, TraDove is another example of an established company deciding to launch a token sale to help fuel growth and awareness. The idea behind TraDove stems from CEO Kent Yan’s frustration with international trade..

To solve this, TraDove was formed to authenticate, vet, and review buyers and sellers with the use of smart contracts to execute safe B2B global interactions. Third, there is a lack of trust, especially in international trade..

As a result, I came up with this idea to create a business-oriented social network to connect corporate buyers, sellers and other partners together so they can find each other in clicks rather than weeks or months. The goal is to build more trust in international trade..

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