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Singapore licensed Crowd Genie to become the first Asia-wide blockchain lending exchange, making asset ...

Published 11 months ago

Singapore licensed Crowd Genie to become the first Asia-wide blockchain lending exchange, making asset ... via

Taking another bold step in developing a comprehensive P2P lending solution for the Asia-Pacific, Crowd Genie has announced that it will conduct the first-ever ICO token sale of its CGCOIN currency, through its related entity CGSPV Pte. Ltd. One of only four P2P lending platforms to be awarded a Capital Market Services (CMS) License by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Crowd Genie’s prime focus is to provide easier capital access for borrowers looking to grow their young businesses with the right investors; namely through its end-to-end marketplace lending platform..

Through its ICO sale, Crowd Genie is seeking to raise ETHB100,000 to scale-up its operations – with the objective of developing an end-to-end Pan-Asian tokenised lending platform that facilitates cheaper and easier flows of funds between lenders and borrowers. Founded by entrepreneurs Akshay Mehra and Bikash Saha, Crowd Genie is also looking to revolutionise the way in which we perceive lending; as the firm’s unique platform facilitates borrower-lender transactions via token-based lending through the Ethereum blockchain..

CGCOIN token holders will be able to invest in businesses listed on Crowd Genie’s platform. Crowd Genie also plans to put a unique utility to its tokens by helping SMEs build their credit histories by incentivising on-time payments, and real-time data sharing, by adding CGCOIN credits to borrowers with strong credit profiles..

Crowd Genie is a Singapore-based P2P lending platform which brings together borrowers (registered SMEs) with lenders (capital providers) under a single ecosystem. Founded in 2016 the platform facilitates blockchain-based transactions via the use of Crowd Genie’s very own CGCOIN cryptocurrency..

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