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Riding into the STORM

Published 2 years ago by Qtum

Riding into the STORM

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Freelance matchmaking services like upwork, fiverr, and amazon’s mechanical turk take an enormous cut of workers pay, but with near frictionless payments, things can change.StormX, the blockchain-powered adtech and micro-task innovators, today announced it would work with open source value transfer protocol and decentralized application (DApp) platform QTUM. The cooperation will boost StormX’s expansion across the global blockchain market and let participants in the STORM Token crowdsale contribute with QTUM tokens.

“StormX’s relationship with QTUM will bring many exciting opportunities and help to establish us as the leading blockchain-powered adtech innovator in the Asian market,” said Simon Yu, CEO of StormX. StormX sees Asia as a serious contender for the top blockchain market globally and recent fintech use cases are a promising sign of where the region is heading in terms of adoption and development.

“We expect the expansion of StormX into Asia to be well-received, particularly given the ability for our platform to reach people in developing areas, allowing anyone to easily earn STORM Tokens by completing gamified micro-tasks,” added Yu.With the StormX public Crowdsale currently in motion, supporters will now be able to participate in purchasing STORM tokens using QTUM tokens (QTUM) in addition to Ethereum (ETH). “These values also align closely with StormX’s goal of building a truly global, blockchain-enabled freelance market.”.

In addition, StormX will give QTUM’s 30 existing DApps, as well as those that will join the network in the future, access to StormX’s user base of 307,000 monthly active users across 187 countries. This will help QTUM DApps achieve mass adoption within the cryptocurrency community and assist with their global scaling goals.

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