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Qtum Core & QRC 20 Tokens

Published 2 years ago by Qtum

Qtum Core & QRC 20 Tokens

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This includes all of the Qtum QRC Token features as the previous release, but fixes some confusing behavior. Now, anytime a contract or token sending transaction is created, the sender address will be used as the change address, assuring that the sender address always has a UTXO.

Also included in this release is a bug fix for the `-salvagewallet` feature so that it can also salvage token transactions and not just native Qtum transactions.This is an optional but recommended update if you are interacting with smart contracts or tokens.Qtum Qt v0.14.7Additionally, we have also released the Qtum-Qt Core Wallet (0.14.7) so you can now interact with QRC-20 tokens and smart contracts.The following is a simple walkthrough of how one can add tokens to their wallet and interact with contracts.Adding a Token in the Qtum Core WalletAfter opening Qtum-Qt, go to the QRC Token section. Vevue smart contract with ContractsTo Purchase Vevue tokensselect Smart Contract Send toenter smart contract Qtum amountselect “Send to Contract”Wallet Token InfoAfter about a minute or so, your tokens should appear in your wallet along with a gas refund.The wallet is easy to use, and we are happy that projects are already utilizing our functions.

Bodhi will be airdropping BOT to Qtum addresses, 4 BOT for every 100 Qtum.About Qtum and IgnitionQtum is a decentralized blockchain project built utilizing the advantages of the UTXO model, with support for Solidity smart contracts, and secured by a proof of stake consensus model. There will be a testnet setup soon for developers, in the meantime you can use -regtest mode for testing needs.The major features implemented in Qtum Ignition include:The Ethereum Virtual Machine, which allows for compatibility with most existing Solidity based smart contracts.The Smart Staking Protocol is complete, which is an optimized Proof of Stake implementation designed for a smart contract platform (however, smart contracts can not participate in staking yet).

An early and basic smart contract GUI has been implemented that can be used for creating contracts, sending data and Qtum to them, and checking their status by executing them locally. It will stake blocks automatically every 30 seconds, and can generate proof-of-work blocks instantly as needed.The Decentralized Governance Protocol is completely implemented and functional, which allows certain network parameters to be modified without a fork.For more technical information for how to start developing with Qtum please read this Guide and also see this tutorial for deploying a simple faucet smart contract (it hasn’t yet been updated for Mainnet for obvious reasons, but all the instructions are the same and you can try them in regtest mode)Note: Qtum Core is considered beta software.

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