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Qtum Community & Development Updates — Week of November 6th to 13th

Published 2 years ago by Qtum

Qtum Community & Development Updates — Week of November 6th to 13th

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Qtum Community Development Updates — Week of November 6th to 13thQtum Tokyo Meetup, November 10th at the Signature Roppongi Academy Hills.The Qtum team was thrilled to see such a large turnout in Tokyo. We streamed the event live on Facebook, click here for the video:Pictures of the Qtum Tokyo MeetupOur event was MC’d by Jason Fang, a Qtum angel backer, who previously worked as a partner at Fenbushi Capital.Patrick kicked off the event, discussing the development plans for Qtum.

He presented plans to build an x86 virtual machine, which should increase the efficiency of our smart contract abilities. The release date is set for 2018, and will allow mainstream developers not accustomed to Solidity to deploy smart contracts.

In turn, we should see even more Decentralized Applications attracted to our blockchain.Qtum CEO, Patrick Dai, presenting Qtum in TokyoThe crowd then heard more about our future development plans from Qtum core developer, Wenbin Zhong, who went over some of the finer details.Qtum core develop, Wenbin Zhong, explaining the Decentralized Governance ProtocolThe crowd heard from our MC, Jason Fang, about some economic strengths of the Qtum project. He stated: “I have always been neutral toward investing in blockchain projects.

But personally, I am very optimistic about Qtum for its fair incentive mechanism and healthy ecosystem”Jason Fang, Qtum Angel Backer and MC of the meetupThere were four guests that accompanied us at the meetup, all of whom are founders of their respective Decentralized Applications. The crowd heard from: Ink, Bodhi, Medibloc, and CFun.Bodhi, CFun, Ink, and Medibloc present the crowd in Tokyo.

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