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Qtum DApp Corner — Robin8

Published 2 years ago by Qtum

Qtum DApp Corner — Robin8

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Robin8 is the leading influencer search engine and marketplace in China focused on people as media.Robin8 seeks to disrupt the $300 billion USD global digital advertising industry by decentralizing identity and putting profile data in the hands of the person. Robin8's value proposition is its trusted profile and proof of identity with the login having become a key tool to tie together myriad data points used for ad targeting.Robin8“Robin8 will build on QTUM blockchain,” says Miranda Tan, CEO and founder of Robin8.

“We have an opportunity to be a game changer and disrupter by offering transparency and trust to Advertisers while protecting the data, copyright and IP for influencers and consumers. ”“The Robin8 Blockchain project looks to de-link personal profile data from centralized platforms and provide additional ways for advertisers to target independently of major ad platforms,” say Hassan Miah, CTO and Co-founder of Robin8.

“Robin8 with Qtum Blockchain and AI will provide powerful tools providing transparency to the advertiser and profile controls to influencers and consumers.”. The Robin8 programmatic platform offers complete automation and scale to Influencer and advocacy marketing.

The platform is powered by big data and machine learning and has profiled over 30 million influencers in China and over 200,000 micro influencers on its Robin8 app.Robin8’s core technology is a proprietary NLP engine that allows Robin8 to profile, rank and match millions of people down to a science based on their social media data.Robin8 specializes in social data collection, analysis and management. Additional services include third-party digital advertising verification, social media and e-commerce measurement, and data management.Robin8 clients include Unilever, Porsche, United Students, Galaxy Macau, Baozun, Macy’s, WPP, OmnicomMediaGroup and Publicis Media.

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