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Innovative Financial Gamification Platform Blockium kicks off its IEO with Coineal exchange to let traders maximize profits with minimal risk - TechBullion

Published 9 months ago

Innovative Financial Gamification Platform Blockium kicks off its IEO with Coineal exchange to let traders maximize profits with minimal risk - TechBullion

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Blockium: Trading Made Easy Blockium is an asset trading platform that is designed to make buying and selling of assets easy. Blockium is a platform that allows traders of all ages and background to learn the tips and tricks of crypto trading with the help of gaming. Blockium IEO Blockium, as a trading competition platform, is holding its token generation event.

The offering will be held with the partnership of Coineal, a crypto exchange platform. The sale of Blockium tokens, BOK, will be run through Coineal, where the exchange traded tokens will be used to raise funding for the Blockium platform. The offering will not only help the platform, but allow users to invest in tokens that will rise in value, since they will form the monetization backbone of the Blockium platform.

CEO of Fokoya, Gilad Raz, said, “An IEO through Coineal is the perfect approach for Blockium to take as we begin an outreach strategy that penetrates the Asian market through the exchange’s branches in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam,” and, ”Fundraising via IEO will allow Blockium to consistently develop company activities, as well as the platform’s token economy, with an optimized product that acts as a gaming competition resource to anyone the trading world. Coineal is a leading crypto trading platform that believes on itself being a “Global exchange” with a “Local presence”. The IEO has a hardcap of USD 1.2 million with one BOK token available for USD Blockium, china, Coineal, Coineal exchange, economy, Financial, Fokoya, gamification, IEO, Innovative, Japan, Launching, Platform, South Korean, Token, Traders, Vietnam Coin spectator is an automated news aggregation service. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Images and text owned by copyright holders are used in reference to and promotion of those respective parties. Read in Full

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