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We tagged Amsterdam Central Station with LONG BITCOIN SHORT THE BANKERS

Published 1 year ago by David Canellis

We tagged Amsterdam Central Station with LONG BITCOIN SHORT THE BANKERS

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The White House has been tagged with digital Bitcoin BTC graffiti, thanks to a new augmented reality platform powered by cryptocurrency. Satoshi’s World allows anyone in the world to add text, images, and GIFs to real world settings for a small Bitcoin fee. It’s a neat spin on a Bitcoin project from last year, Satoshi’s Place, which allowed users to purchase pixels on a blank canvas for a very small amount of cryptocurrency.

No Satoshi’s World censorship for now With regard to why he chose to use the Lightning Network to accept Bitcoin payments instead of using the blockchain directly, he noted that without Lightning, the service just wouldn’t be the same. “I started out charging 10 Satoshis per character, and a few people wrote ‘bitcoin.’ This is due to Bitcoin‘s network fees.

When users send very small amounts of Bitcoin (like the ones in Satoshi’s World), transaction fees can actually outweigh the original amount to be sent. Lightning Network removes this barrier by allowing Bitcoin to be sent directly between nodes through special payment channels. What better reason to whip out your Bitcoin wallet and test the Lightning Network? Coin spectator is an automated news aggregation service. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Images and text owned by copyright holders are used in reference to and promotion of those respective parties. Read in Full