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Marketing Your Project Post-ICO or STO: Interview With Jonha Richman

Published 1 year ago by CoinNewsLive

Marketing Your Project Post-ICO or STO: Interview With Jonha Richman

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Most often than not, cryptocurrency projects that raise funds through ICO’s or STO’s lose their marketing spark after the token sale. In this article, we interview blockchain marketing expert, Jonha Richman, on best marketing practices for projects post-ICO or STO. In 2013, she has helped put together the 360-degree digital marketing strategy and implementation that helped achieve having IKEA reach 35,000 stories and engagement written about the brand across various social media channels and reach 3.7 million in a span of 9 days in Singapore & Malaysia.

In an exclusive interview with CoinNewsLive, Richman shares her recommendation for startups or token projects that are in their post-ICO or STO stage and wish to scale their operations: Simplify the problems you’re looking to solve and communicate it in a way that the normal users or readers may understand and resonate with. Richman works with the projects she’s working with to establish brand guidelines and messaging to narrow down the stories that matter to their target audience to avoid any mismatch in the communications strategy. While it may sound obvious, a lot of companies make the initial mistake of pouring in ad dollars in marketing efforts and channels that do not necessarily work essentially ‘pushing’ for messaging that many of its target audience does not necessarily resonate with, in the first place.

One of her favourite ways to test the market and validate an idea is to run a Google ad containing the targeted keywords to see how the target audience react to the ads before even running a full campaign and messaging on a project. From this interview, it is evident that in order to survive and scale their company operations, post-ICO or STO stage companies need to look at the marketing strategy with a much longer plans on the horizon. What are your best marketing practices for cryptocurrency projects in the post-ICO or STO stage? Coin spectator is an automated news aggregation service. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Images and text owned by copyright holders are used in reference to and promotion of those respective parties. Read in Full

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